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22 janvier 2019

The Night before Christmas -THOMAS KINKADE GALLLERY

Thomas Kinkade Studios is proud to present the latest interpretation of an American film classic. A Christmas Story is a holiday tale filled with good humor, iconic imagery and quotable dialog, a perfect subject for a retelling in oil. Enter the small town of Hohman, Indiana and the quaint home of 9-year-old Ralphie Parker. In epic narrative style, Ralphie's quest for his BB gun is highlighted in rich and loving detail with the story's many unforgettable characters and events. Meet the Bumpus dogs whose rampaging appetites eventually cause the Parker family to have Christmas dinner in a Chinese restaurant. Smile while remembering how Flick, Ralphie's best friend, is "triple dog dared" into placing his tongue on a frozen flagpole. Enjoy finally having proof that Ralphie's dream gift did indeed come from jolly old Saint Nick. And, of course, what retelling of this holiday favorite would be complete without a depiction of what a BB gun can do in a young boy's hands. Ralphie nearly did "shoot his eye out!" Thomas Kinkade Studio's painting of A Christmas Story truly captures the magic of the film in full. A Christmas Story is a painting sure to delight fans of the film and be a desirable addition to the collections of all those interested in American cinema. The warm colors and subtle shadings bring an American cityscape to life as the town's citizens contend with their day. The welcoming lights of the houses turn on as dusk changes to night and the evening sky glows. 

by Thomas Kinade Gallery

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best gift - Kinkade winnie the pooh

If putting the pieces together to make a full picture is your thing than you’re in for a treat today! These puzzles are all part of the Prime Day special and will make a great addition to your collection. Plus, you can always frame them and have a brand new artwork to display.Thomas kinkade winnie the pooh is your best choice.


Thomas Kinkade Winnie The Pooh

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21 janvier 2019

Jack Vettriano Mad Dogs

"I've been very lucky that my works have found their way into a diverse range of private collections around the world over the years and I am most grateful to the owners for so kindly loaning their paintings back for this special exhibition."

The retrospective will showcase some of Vettriano's best-known paintings, such as Dance me to the end of Love (1998), Mad Dogs (1992), Long Time Gone (2006), Bluebird at Bonneville (1996) and The Billy Boys (1994).

The exhibition will also feature examples of his erotic works such as Game On (1999), The Parlour of Temptation (1996), An Imperfect Past (2000), Fetish (1998 ) and Night Geometry (1996).

All the paintings featured will be on loan from private collections and many are going on public display for the first time in close to 20 years.

by http://www.jack-vettriano.co.uk/


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20 octobre 2018

Turner works, storms and water vapor

And more than that, in the late works of the painter Turner, the sea and the heavens are integrated into one, forming a huge storm vortex, engulfing all forms. These works seem to foretell the experiment of modern abstract painting, especially the experiment of the abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock. Constable used this technique of expressing storms in the form of a whirlwind as Turner's "Tinted Steam." "A blizzard - a steamboat leaving the port" is an example. From this perspective, Turner seems to be far ahead of the times.

by http://www.thomas-kinkade-prints.org/

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17 septembre 2018

Learning 6 kinds of consciousness

In this sketch of the painter thoams kinkade, the entire hand is treated as a block, with front A and side B. Each phalanx of each finger is also treated as a cube. When the face-to-face transition turns, Rubens deals with a strong contrast between light and dark,


which is most clearly seen at the intersection of block c and block D. Notice the projection (E) on the front side, this shadow disappears on the side, because the main light source leaves the projection on the side never seen. The projection of the reflected light may be on the side, but this is rarely allowed.


(by thomas kinkade gallery)

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08 septembre 2018

How to draw a character sketch

To draw a quasi-contour, you must look at the whole, and compare the whole, and use the auxiliary line to help determine the position. When grasping the shape, you should grasp the features and draw them like you. The shape is beginning to see, and the image is ready to come out. Just like the artist at the entrance of the park, with the silhouette of the scissors, the figure is easily revealed, and although we can't see the fine internal structure, we can still recognize him. Some did not pay attention to this step, and the shape was still very vague, so they rushed to paint the five senses. How can the paintings drawn in this way approach the object!

By http://www.thomas-kinkade-prints.org/

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14 mars 2018

A judge granted a restraining order requested by Kinkade’s

Windermere Holdings, acting as a trustee and executor of the Kinkade Family Trust, said that the artist’s girlfriend — the documents refer to her as Amy Pinto-Walsh, her name in her earlier marriage — broke the rules of a confidentiality agreement she signed last year by talking to reporters and threatening to reveal Kinkade’s business and personal secrets.

“This threat is not just a mean-spirited act of betrayal, but a calculated attempt to garner money and fame at the expense of the grieving Kinkade family, including his wife and four daughters, ” said the a request for the restraining order filed by the holding company.

(by thomas kinkade prints)

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Mr. Neiman’s signature style included sheets of splashy color

“LeRoy can do more with a paintbrush than a monkey can do with a peanut,” boxing promoter Don King once said. “LeRoy captures the universe, puts the image on canvas and gives it eternal life.”

Mr. Neiman contributed illustrations to Playboy magazine for more than 50 years, published dozens of books and sold paintings, drawings, prints and posters by the thousands. He became a millionaire many times over and adopted the persona of a dandy, with flamboyant white suits, an ever-present cigar, a luxuriant head of hair and a mustache that stretched almost ear to ear.

(by leroy neiman rocky)

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15 juin 2017

Art pioneer - Mark Spain

With the abandonment of the inherent concept of color, people's understanding of color is also greatly deepened. People find a few pairs of shades of white mixed into white, and there are several colors mixed with each other will become black, so that people call these shades and pigments complement each other, the two kinds of pigments called complementary color, such as yellow With purple, red and green, orange and blue. In color painting, this complementary relationship helps people to analyze and identify colors.

People's understanding of the shadow has also greatly changed. In the past that the shadow is only brown or black, no color at all, when the light source and the color of the environment to observe the scientific concept of objects, found that the shadow of light reflection and the impact of the surrounding environment, but also showing a rich color, and shadow Often with the color of light and color of the opposite color.

These acquaintances prompted Impressionist painters to use color boldly. They seek real and clear color effects, began to use color, color or color point juxtaposition of the way to describe the object. Such as red and blue juxtaposition and get bright purple. So that the impressionist painter's picture suddenly become exceptionally bright and bright. If you put a classic oil painting with the Impressionist works, you will marvel at the achievements of the Impressionist painters in color. Because in their pictures really reflect the light and color of the infinite charm.

(by  Mark Spain )

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10 juin 2017

Western classical-Albert Bierstadt

Classicalism, mainly in art, refers to the high degree of recognition of the classical age culture that contains Greek and Roman. Classicalism takes the taste of the classical era as a standard and tries to imitate its style. The formation and prosperity of classicalism in France, and then extended to other European countries, is the era of enlightenment, rational times and some modernist ideas advocated by the concept.

The 17th century began to prevail in Western Europe, especially in France, a literary trend. This trend is a specific historical period of the product, becauseit is in the theory of literature and creative practice with ancient Greek and Roman literature as a model and model known as the "classical". As a kind of literary thought, classicalism in Europe for two centuries, until the early 19th century, the rise of romanticism before the end of literature and art. It was the most popular in France in the 17th century, and the development was the most complete. The political basis of French classicalism is the monarchy of the monarchy, the philosophical basis is Cartesian rationalism theory. Classicalism in the theory of creation emphasizes imitation of the ancient, advocated the use of national norms of language, in accordance with the provisions of the creative principles of creation, the pursuit of artistic perfection.

(by Albert Bierstadt  )

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