For August 2010 Alfred Gockel was contracted to do a solo art-tour, with action painting and art-lecture in some main cities of the USA, Orlando, Charlotte, Washington DC and Miami.

ADAC (German Car Assistance Company) in Germany asked Alfred Gockel to create a sculpture with a size of 10 meters wide by 5 meters high with inside a yellow helicopter. This will be placed along the Highway A1 and A2 where the 2 most important German highways cross. A special hill of 18 meters high for this prestigious sculpture is ready to receive the sculpture within 2010.

His unique brushstrokes on the bright colour palette makes his artwork very recognizable. He also uses tar as paint, which is specially prepared made according to a self- invented treatment.
During the vernissage he uses to paint live an oversized canvas, so visitors have the privilege to see the master acting in the gallery. These events are like short master-classes and it’s amazing to see how he inspires the audience and then starts immediately concentrated to continue his painting with accurate, gentle brushstrokes; sometimes with two hands painting at the same time.

Now Alfred Gockel is represented everywhere in the United States in many reputable galleries and his work is purchased by many art-collectors. Famous collectors of his art are a.o.: Abram Abramovich, Michael Jordan, Bono’s wife, Shaggy, Pat Robertson, Tommy Haas, Shaquil O’Neal, Christie Kerr, Ludacris, Pat Robinson, Andy Roddick a.o.

Since 6 years now Alfred Gockel creates sculptures which are made in bronze and silver-alloy. There are sculptures built in steel and aluminium of more than several meters height and also in small sizes as limited editions.

He’s very versatile in many disciplines of art, accessible as a person and full of ambition.
Alfred Gockel is extra motivated to give way to his ambition and to become as acquainted in the rest of Europe as he is in the United States and Germany.

(by  Alfred Gockel)