Classicalism, mainly in art, refers to the high degree of recognition of the classical age culture that contains Greek and Roman. Classicalism takes the taste of the classical era as a standard and tries to imitate its style. The formation and prosperity of classicalism in France, and then extended to other European countries, is the era of enlightenment, rational times and some modernist ideas advocated by the concept.

The 17th century began to prevail in Western Europe, especially in France, a literary trend. This trend is a specific historical period of the product, becauseit is in the theory of literature and creative practice with ancient Greek and Roman literature as a model and model known as the "classical". As a kind of literary thought, classicalism in Europe for two centuries, until the early 19th century, the rise of romanticism before the end of literature and art. It was the most popular in France in the 17th century, and the development was the most complete. The political basis of French classicalism is the monarchy of the monarchy, the philosophical basis is Cartesian rationalism theory. Classicalism in the theory of creation emphasizes imitation of the ancient, advocated the use of national norms of language, in accordance with the provisions of the creative principles of creation, the pursuit of artistic perfection.

(by Albert Bierstadt  )