With the abandonment of the inherent concept of color, people's understanding of color is also greatly deepened. People find a few pairs of shades of white mixed into white, and there are several colors mixed with each other will become black, so that people call these shades and pigments complement each other, the two kinds of pigments called complementary color, such as yellow With purple, red and green, orange and blue. In color painting, this complementary relationship helps people to analyze and identify colors.

People's understanding of the shadow has also greatly changed. In the past that the shadow is only brown or black, no color at all, when the light source and the color of the environment to observe the scientific concept of objects, found that the shadow of light reflection and the impact of the surrounding environment, but also showing a rich color, and shadow Often with the color of light and color of the opposite color.

These acquaintances prompted Impressionist painters to use color boldly. They seek real and clear color effects, began to use color, color or color point juxtaposition of the way to describe the object. Such as red and blue juxtaposition and get bright purple. So that the impressionist painter's picture suddenly become exceptionally bright and bright. If you put a classic oil painting with the Impressionist works, you will marvel at the achievements of the Impressionist painters in color. Because in their pictures really reflect the light and color of the infinite charm.

(by  Mark Spain )