20 octobre 2018

Turner works, storms and water vapor

And more than that, in the late works of the painter Turner, the sea and the heavens are integrated into one, forming a huge storm vortex, engulfing all forms. These works seem to foretell the experiment of modern abstract painting, especially the experiment of the abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock. Constable used this technique of expressing storms in the form of a whirlwind as Turner's "Tinted Steam." "A blizzard - a steamboat leaving the port" is an example. From this perspective, Turner seems to be far ahead of the times. ... [Lire la suite]
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17 septembre 2018

Learning 6 kinds of consciousness

In this sketch of the painter thoams kinkade, the entire hand is treated as a block, with front A and side B. Each phalanx of each finger is also treated as a cube. When the face-to-face transition turns, Rubens deals with a strong contrast between light and dark,   which is most clearly seen at the intersection of block c and block D. Notice the projection (E) on the front side, this shadow disappears on the side, because the main light source leaves the projection on the side never seen. The projection of the reflected... [Lire la suite]
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14 mars 2018

A judge granted a restraining order requested by Kinkade’s

Windermere Holdings, acting as a trustee and executor of the Kinkade Family Trust, said that the artist’s girlfriend — the documents refer to her as Amy Pinto-Walsh, her name in her earlier marriage — broke the rules of a confidentiality agreement she signed last year by talking to reporters and threatening to reveal Kinkade’s business and personal secrets. “This threat is not just a mean-spirited act of betrayal, but a calculated attempt to garner money and fame at the expense of the grieving Kinkade family, including his wife and... [Lire la suite]
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